Academic Consulting

Private Tutoring

ACLASS offers one-to-one and tailor-made tutoring for all MYP, IBDP, IGCSE and Uruguayan Baccalaureate subjects. The consultancy is based on identification and characterisation of students’ abilities, strengths and areas of improvement. ACLASS designs successful academic strategies and helps students improve their overall performance through the acquisition of skills for learning.

Schedule Management

One large factor influencing academic performance is time management and scheduling. ACLASS offers weekly sessions to help students and young professionals with the timely completion of their projects. The consultancy fosters cognitive abilities and wellbeing based on prioritisation, management of deadlines, diligence and efficiency.

Teacher Training

ACLASS is committed to the betterment of education coming from the premise that good education is not possible without good educators. The consultancy offers hands-on and brush-up teacher training courses to complement and expand graduate education.

The following are the ready-made courses available to all schools and institutions with no notice needed:

This course is aimed at all IBDP teachers regardless of the subject they teach. It provides know-how, skills and strategies aimed to help the supervision of the different stages of the EE: researching, planning, writing and editing.

Practical strategies, lesson plans, synchronous and asynchronous resources on how to guide students to deliver A-class essays.

Purpose-oriented curation of curriculum for all IBDP subjects. Balanced, rigorous and coherent course blueprint vertically oriented towards the IB approaches to teaching and learning, and integrated with the Uruguayan Baccalaureate ethos. 

In addition, ACLASS also works with schools and language institutes providing specialised courses for INSETs (in-service training days) designed specifically for the needs of each institution.